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Stuff maybe you didn't know
Softball Poems and Quotes

Favorite Tunes...

>Tell me how would you feel, you'd probably give up too, if nobody  believed in you. -Joe Nichols

>Shoes don't stretch, and men don't change. -Amy Dalley

>You can't fix time, and you can't stop love. Our little ponytail girl has grown up to be a women and now she's gone in a blink of an eye. She left the suds in the bucket and clothes hangin' out on the line. -Sara Evans

>The heart don't lie, sometimes life gets in the way. -Reba McEntire

>Its come down to a Man, dieing on the cross, saving the world. Rising from the dead, doing what He said He would do.

>I'll be your friend for a life time, against the wind and the rain of every season.

>Girls lie too, we don't care how much money you make what you drive or what you weigh, no signs dont matter anyways. Girls lie too, dont think your the only one who bend it break it stretch it some, yeah we learn from you, girls lie too.

>You can't buy it at the store, try it on for size, bring it back if it don't feel right. No love, love ain't like that. You can't trade it in like an automoblie thats got too many miles and rust on its wheels. No love, love ain't like that. Love ain't that easy to define you can't build it by design it takes its on sweet time. It don't fall from the sky like a tiny drop of rain and hit you right between the eyes one day. No love, love ain't like that. You can't put our money down and just roll the dice. Think you're gonna win an awesome night. No love, love ain't like that. -Faith Hill


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